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Nasty, rusty chains mess up the look of your beautiful truck.
Now your  tailgate will look unharmed -
No scratches from nasty chains.
Universal Tailgate Latch Kit
  • Prevent chain scratches
  • Easy to use /Easy to install
  • Extreamly smooth operation
  • Single handed opening and closing
  • No cutting is required
  • Simple Bolt on installation
  • All hardware is included
  • Easy to follow Instructions and template

Free shipping within the U.S.A. 

Tailgate Support Cables Technical Information
  • 1/8" Galvanized 7-19 cable
  • Vinyl coated cable
  • Each cables rated at breaking strength: 1,500 lbs
  • Safe working load limit: 525 lbs.

Safety Notice! Use care when standing or sitting on ta​ilgate.
For installation on double wall tailgates such as this F-100, a small access hole can be cut in the side of the tailgate.
A 1/4" flange nut is placed in a 7/16" wrench and aligned with the previously drilled holes while the button head bolt is installed from above. A brake adjuster can then be used to fill the access hole.

Universal Tailgate Latch Kit $179.95
Latch w/ Stainless Steel Hardware $209.95
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Buy this
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Stainless Kits Available - 
Call Rhonda at 770 301 2102 
for details.  $289.95